“We need to dematerialize how we do things”

Technologies such as cloud services, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are providing us with new capabilities – but also leading us to rearrange the way we work. In Thursday’s Treasury 360° Oslo conference, BNP Paribas’ Bruno Mellado went into depth on how treasuries should make the most of it all.

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News from Treasury 360° Oslo on 27 May is gathered here.
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Bruno Mellado, global head of payments and receivables with BNP Paribas, left few technological trends uncovered as he gave his overview. The various types of APIs that could be relevant for treasuries was one, blockchain use cases another.


He structured his rich substance into four themes.

“On technology, I’d say there are four key expectations. One is of course that we need to dematerialize how we do things. The pandemic has been a great source of change to move into digital signatures and digitalizing documents, and we see a lot of changes and adoptions of technology when there’s a lot of paper work still,” he said.

Immediacy is another expectation – what I would call more on-demand: It’s not about how fast it goes but it’s ’when I need it, I want it’.”

Intelligence is important as well. Being able to make better decisions. It’s important to have better data, better conclusions. And security – a major topic for all of us these days, with cyber attacks with fraud attempts, we know that security is at the core of everything we have to do in the future towards our clients, our customers and our shareholders.”

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