In 2022, our national events were consolidated into one yearly Treasury 360° Nordic bash.
• 2024-05-23 Treasury 360° Nordic 2024 (Copenhagen)

Past events

• 2023-04-20 Treasury 360° Nordic 2023 (Malmö)
• 2022-06-09 Treasury 360° Nordic 2022 (Copenhagen)
• 2021-12-02: Treasury 360° Stockholm 2021
• 2021-11-16: Treasury 360° Helsinki 2021

We started archiving the web sites for past events only in the autumn of 2021.

News pieces from events of 2019 and later are tagged by city (including all years), and can by found by the following links: Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm. Note that these news pieces do not cover all sessions.

With the Covid-19 impact from spring 2020, we started recording and publishing many sessions as videos. These, too, can be listed by their tag, see the video list here.

If you have questions about earlier events, contact Daniele Truini.