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Information for registered users and visitors

PostTrade 360° and Treasury 360° including their related websites are owned starting 1 Jan 2021 by Financial Media Group 360 AB (below FMG 360). FMG 360 takes privacy and integrity very seriously, and we only process information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This text is for registered users and visitors to PostTrade 360° and Treasury 360°, including related sites.

It is important to us that the personal data provided by you as a user is processed in a cautious, responsible, transparent and lawful way. The purpose of this document is to give you more detailed information on why and how we process your personal data when you use our services and subscribe to our services.

Who takes responsibility for your personal data?

When you sign up for a newsletter or conference, whether physical or digital, and use our web pages as well as apps, FMG 360 is liable for your personal data. This makes FMG 360 a controller according to law.

Where does your personal data come from?

Most personal data that we have received comes directly from you as a user. This can be data that you have provided us when applying for one of our services. It could also be when you receive/reply to e-mails or newsletters, sign up for a seminar or event. Examples of such personal data are contact details such as e-mail, mobile number, first- and surname, preferred payment method.

Personal data is also created as a result of you reading an article on our web page, using our services or communicating with us. We can, for example, save visitor- traffic and communication data. An example of such personal data is, your IP-address, type of device, operating system and browser. This data is created via so called cookies. The purpose is to deliver a more personalized experience when using our services and to target personalized offers.

Unless you provide us with the personal data requested, we cannot offer you our services. We will clearly mark when it is mandatory to provide certain personal data. We will also be clear when the delivery of a specific service requires your explicit consent.

Who can we share your personal data with?

Your personal data may be shared with other companies performing services on our behalf. Such transfer of personal data will be in accordance with law and your personal data will not be used for other purposes than those which you have been informed.

When you have signed up as a delegate with one of our events, we may share your personal data with other companies which sponsor the specific event, for the purpose of their marketing.

Purpose and legal basis for processing of your personal data

Below we will detail the purpose of processing your personal data and with what legal basis.

To manage your user profile:

Create and administrate your user account

Send e-mails and newsletters to you based on how you use our services

Deliver the services you have requested

Legal basis: Performance of contract It is important for us to comply with the agreement we have with you concerning your user account

To create and promote targeted mails via different channels (SMS, push-notifications, e-mails) to registered users based on:

·       Explicit interest

·       Browsing history

·       Participating in events

Legal basis: Performance of contract. To comply with the agreement with you as a registered user at FMG 360.

To create and promote targeted mails via different channels (SMS, push-notifications, e-mails) to registered users based on:

·       Explicit interest

·       Browsing history

·       Participating in events

Legal basis: Having given consent, that you approve of this type of processing, when applying for the service and giving your personal data in the first instance.

To complete service orders from our visitors, for example downloading of reports. 

Legal basis: Our legitimate interest in fulfilling our mission. Consent through an unambiguous affirmative action, for example when you request to receive a particular report. 

Invites and to administer and implement various event independently or in corporation with our partners 

·       Creating participant lists
Communicating with the participants at an event, for example via confirmation of applications, questions or evaluations

Legal basis: Consent through an unambiguous affirmative action, for example when you sign up for an event.

To perform different customer surveys in order to monitor the impacts of our efforts, such as satisfaction surveys and specific investigations, for example after the implementation of an event.

Legal basis: Consent through an unambiguous affirmative action, for example when you chose to conduct an investigation. 


·       We also use your transacitons for our accounting.

Legal basis: To fulfil our legal obligations.

Consent and direct marketing

If you have given us your explicit consent we can publish or send information and marketing messages based on profiling of the personal data we have.

How long do we keep your personal data

We keep your personal data as long as it is required for the above-mentioned purposes and as long as you are an active registered user and visitor or as long as the personal data must be kept due to legal requirements, after this the personal data will be deleted or unidentified.
For marketing purposes, personal data older than three years is not used unless you are an active customer.

Rights to update, correct or request personal data

According to the EU data protection regulation, you as an individual have certain statutory rights in relation to the personal data that we process about you. You have the right to access your personal data, right to rectification and deletion as well as to object to processing, such as direct marketing. If Individuals believe that any information on them is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email the below address as soon as possible.

In certain situations, Individuals may request their data to be transferred to a third party.

You are also entitled to file a complaint with the national supervisory authority.

Who to contact

If you wish to exercise any of your statutory rights, please send us a written and signed request to the specified address below. You can always contact customer service through our website if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data. In addition to this, you can contact our Data Protection Officer for any comments or complaints regarding how we handle your personal data.
You may, at any time, refrain from receiving marketing communications from us by clicking “unsubscribe” in e-mails and SMS communications that we send you. You may also contact our customer service if you want help to decline our communication.

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