Learn about his European-champion project on stage

The Treasury 360° Nordic conference on 9 June will feature a case study on the “Digital Treasury” initiative at German railway group Deutsche Bahn. The project is the reigning champion of the prestigious EACT Award and will be presented in Copenhagen by treasury operations head Gerd Berghold.

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In-house teams at the treasury rather than consultants, and standard or open-source software … These are central components of the broad automation makeover at the treasury of Deutsche Bahn. Robotic process automation, electronic signatures, new analytic technologies, text mining and dashboards are just some of the many new tools put into use. In this session, meet Gerd Berghold – Head of Treasury Operations and Digital Treasury with Deutsche Bahn AG – who led the implementation.

In tough competition, Deutsche Bahn’s “Digital Treasury” was appointed best project 2021 by peer organization EACT, the European Association of Corporate Treasurers. The selection process sees Europe’s national associations of corporate treasurers each nominate a single candidate to battle it out for the single all-European prize. Winner criteria include the degrees of innovation, reach, ESG impact, perfection ambition … and wow factor.

Click here to sign up and learn more about this year’s Treasury 360° Nordic conference on 9 June – the big bang of what has previously been four separate events in the year (one each in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). The schedule is organized to enable any delegate to fly in just for the day – or let us host you for a night of good dining and entertainment!


Many articles and full-session videos from the last two years are available here, for respectively Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

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