Finnish fintechs form the future of payments

VIDEO | On stage with Treasury 360° Helsinki, Monika Liikamaa – co-founder and group CEO of Finnish success story Enfuce – shared her view of new opportunities given by fintechs. She was interviewed by Helsinki Fintech Farm CEO Janne Salminen. 

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Pay card operations “as a service”, rather than as a function of a bank, is the basic idea of finance-industry serial entrepreneur Monika Liikamaa’s Enfuce. She strongly urges banks and us other finance folks to rethink our role. On sustainability, for example, analysing individuals’ payments could give keys to how they could reduce their carbon footprint.
Technology and eager individuals are aplenty, when it comes to pushing for change in the sector, but the structures stand in the way.
“Fight the legacy mindset and you will get to see the world in colours,” says Monika Liikamaa.
Janne Salminen proposed that banks should focus less on the next quarter profit, and more on ensuring that they stay relevant five years from now – and Monika Liikamaa agreed.
“Banking will not die but banks will,” she said.

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