Financial system setups go from years to weeks

Focusing on liquidity management, two system providers share their picture of a rapidly changing world when it comes to financial operational systems. This is their session video from Treasury 360° Stockholm in December.

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[This is an update, now featuring the video, of the original article from the conference day, 8 December 2020.]

Baton Systems founder/CEO Arjun Jayaram and Cashforce co-founder/CEO Nicolas Christiaen were interviewed by Treasury 360° Stockholm moderator Beatrice Wassing.


According to Arjun Jayaram, his solution is decreasing the payment settlement lead time from 48 hours to three minutes. But there is also a radical shift going on in how long it takes to introduce new technical solutions in the finance space. Software as a service (SaaS) has taken longer in finance than in other industries, but now it is coming on strong.

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