Stick or carrot? How finance functions can lead the charge in sustainability

VIDEO | As new rules and regulations loom on the horizon, businesses face a pivotal choice: wield the stick or embrace the carrot. While some may opt to delay compliance until the final deadline, a proactive approach can yield substantial benefits, according to Karina Sundbæk from Topsoe, a Danish company that specialises in developing solutions and technologies to produce fuels and chemicals essential to the energy transition.

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Sundbæk believes that by gradually integrating the new requirements, companies can ensure a smooth transition and solidify these changes within their operational framework. “We have chosen the carrot method, because we think it is far more beneficial for us”, tells Sundbæk on stage during her case study at Treasury 360° Nordic 2024 in Copenhagen.



By choosing the “carrot” approach, Topsoe exemplifies how finance functions can lead the charge in sustainability, turning regulatory requirements into strategic opportunities for growth and resilience.

Karina Sundbæk is head of Group Finance & Facility at Topsoe.

Read an interview with Karina Sundbæk here to get more details on the green mandate.

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