TOMRA’s “payment factory” gets its cash recycled quicker

VIDEO | A deep pocket isn’t much use if your reach is shallow. With the implementation of a “payment factory” and a liquidity forecasting solution, TOMRA Systems has found a way to get more funds into play. On stage at the Treasury 360° Nordic conference, TOMRA’s Elisabeth Elsom and Cristina de la Torriente shared the firm’s innovative cash management strategy and how they set it up in practice.

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Watch the session to hear a complete overview of TOMRA’s new cash management system from Elisabeth Elsom and her colleague, Solution Specialist Cristina de la Torriente. They covered the motivations behind the system, what it has achieved, and the challenges in implementation.


As a global company running more than 100,000 recycling installations worldwide in 80 markets, TOMRA Systems is a big corporation that requires big solutions. Its “payment factory” refers to a set-up for cash pooling with each currency managed by a dedicated banking partner that has been centrally contracted by the firm. The system is supported by an additional third-party connectivity tool.

Elisabeth Elsom mentioned that providers offering “plug and play” solutions have never been able to live up to their promises. However, given TOMRA’s scale of operations, hurdles and delays in implementation were to be expected.

Elisabeth Elsom is VP and Head of Group Treasury, TOMRA Systems, and
Cristina de la Torriente is Solution Specialist, TOMRA Systems


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