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These are the front page sells for our editorial stories:
• Win-win. Bogdan Izmaylov’s Ørsted innovates long-term
risk-offsetting products together with clients – 8
• New payment factory. Now let’s just test it. Interview with TOMRA Systems’ Elisabeth Elsom – 24
• “The new generation likes the flexibility” – Equinor re-organised.  Interview with Tor Stian Kjøllesdal – 52
• FX hedging is tough? Hans automated it. Interview with Lerøy Seafood Group’s Hans Ljøen  – 62
• “Looking at numbers is not enough”. She foresaw the 2008 crisis. Now, Financial Times US editor Gillian Tett joins in Malmö to share her deeper take on risk – 5


Note also our talk with Caroline Stockmann, chief executive of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, about the damaging tendency to neglect the training of inter-human skills beside more technical ones. – 6

Then what about our sponsor contributions:
  Nasarius raises a glass to our new capabilities  10   Zanders suggests the digital path  12    BuyingTeams on three challenges to join with the bank over  14   Sealfx still believes in control and accuracy  16    360T on a flora of trading needs  19
ESG  |   Societe Generale on actually making “green” green  21    Taulia on consumers driving supply-chain change  23
PAYMENTS  |  Orchard Finance wants you framed  26    Small or medium? BNP Paribas seeks your B2B trend fit  28    StoneX on global plumbing  40   Deutsche Bank on virtual accounts for real sofas  43    J.P. Morgan on getting more efficient than efficient  46
RISKS  |  Nordea on sizing funding for worse than bad  48    Coface on predicting relationships  50    Avallone on all those counterparties  51
OPERATIONS  |   Nomentia on oiling the bank-guarantees process  54    So fr, so good? Stacc Escali checks the benchmarks  56    FIS on tackling the costs  58    GTreasury on getting intercompany transfers into view  59    ING on going centralised and digital  60    Skysparc on the quest for optimal  61


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