• Known for its excellence in cash and treasury management solutions, Nomentia recently revealed the acquisition of the Austria-based TIPCO Treasury & Technology to merge the two companies’ product portfolios. The two companies said they will offer the widest variety of cash and treasury management solutions...

  • Big bets recently, on three-month eurodollar futures, indicate that dollars could turn out to be in short supply when many banks and corporations seek refunding at New Year.

  • The Norwegian fixed-income market was in focus as Bodil Cathrine Østby and Eirik Høiby Ausland from Euronext Oslo Børs shared their presentation at Treasury 360° Oslo on 27 May. See their 26-minute session here. 

  • Letting go of legacy systems, and instead building a new solution over a standard Microsoft platform, has created a new level of data transparency at Saxo Bank, where Thomas Otendal is group treasurer. On Thursday, he shared his experiences in the Treasury 360° Copenhagen conference....

  • Jens Romundstad, ex-head of sales for Coop Denmark, is accustomed to re-thinking – and now preaches that all his nation’s businesses should. With Treasury 360° Copenhagen on Thursday, he went on stage before a live audience at Axelborg. 

  • The opportunities and challenges ahead, in the area of domestic as well as cross-border payments, were topic for BNP Paribas’ Bruno Mellado and Jonas Palm in Thursday’s Treasury 360° Copenhagen conference.

  • Raising funds as a private equity-owned enterprise, at a high financial leverage, is a process with its special features. In front of the live audience at Treasury 360° Copenhagen, Stark Group’s Kasper Christensen shared his experience of sourcing a syndicated institutional loan.

  • Diversity is a team feature, and a behaviour – and not automatically solved by hiring a single woman. On stage with Treasury 360° Copenhagen, recruiter Tanja Grønning shared her tips on how to assess inclusion to make businesses more successful.

  • The growing and maturing participation by retail investors in the Danish stock market was in focus for Nasdaq president Nikolaj Kosakewitsch, in his opening keynote of Treasury 360° Copenhagen on Thursday morning.

  • As Kasper Mahon Andreasen became CFO of container feeder shipping group Unifeeder this winter, he had designed an intensive on-boarding process for himself. With a live audience at Axelborg for Treasury 360° Copenhagen on Thursday morning, he shared the outcome.