CEO and CFO, are you ready to navigate the plane through turbulence?

VIDEO | "Why did you invite me? A chief troublemaking officer.” jokes Ken Bonefeld Nielsen, Vice President and CISO (chief information security office at Norlys, as he introduced his session on Navigating Cyber Threats and Resilience in the Finance Function at Treasury 360° Nordic.

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“We are under pressure.” Various threats confront us: global threats, national threats, and Nordic-specific threats. Nielsen explained that while these threats used to dominate his work, the focus is shifting. “My work flipped from being 80% threats and 20% regulation to focusing much more on regulations like NIS2, CER, DORA, and GDPR.” Nowadays, Nielsen is busy ensuring Norlys isn’t caught between these demands.

Drawing from his extensive experience in cybersecurity, Nielsen offered attendees practical strategies and actionable insights to enhance resilience against evolving cyber threats. His session emphasised the pressing need for proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect financial institutions from potential breaches.


Nielsen elaborated on how Norlys is well-prepared for crises through the use of apps, crisis centers, and crisis exercises. These measures ensure that the company can effectively manage any crisis.

“It’s crucial to activate only the relevant parts of your crisis organisation when needed,” he said. “The CEO and CFO of a company should prepare for crises with the same diligence as airplane pilots. In times of trouble, are you ready to navigate the plane through turbulence? Are you prepared for that?”

Ken Bonefeld Nielsen is Vice President and CISO at Norlys.

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