FT’s Gillian Tett to open Treasury 360° Nordic 2023

Known as the journalist who consistently warned of the derivatives mess-up before the 2008 global crisis, and currently head of the Financial Times’ US editorial board, Gillian Tett has just confirmed her participation as opening keynote speaker in Malmö on 20 April. As a treasury pro, you are invited to join – free of charge – so sign up today.

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To find the conference website and sign-up, click here – free of charge for treasury pros!

Yes, with the recent turmoil across Europe and the global markets, Gillian Tett is well positioned to provide us with a useful geopolitical outlook. But don’t expect her to stop at that. Through her exceptional career, she has been an advocate for an entirely different take on business, markets and risk. Join us and expand your skill set.

The approach she promotes is that of … social anthropology, a topic in which she holds a doctorate degree from Cambridge. Seeing through the rituals and cultural patterns in a space, be it a village in Soviet Tajikistan or a 2000’s Wall Street investment bank, can help you foresee what will happen next. And indeed, one of the key sources of insight is the silence: what are the topics that everybody is busy not talking about? Around 2006, Gillian Tett could observe how such silence surrounded seemingly exotic derivatives where she was seeing mounting systemic risks: collateralised debt obligations, credit default swaps, and others.


Gillian Tett has authored award-winning books, co-founded the Financial Times sustainability newsletter Moral Money and managed the US editorial desk, won prizes including the 2009 Journalist of the Year title at the British Press Awards, and holds honorary degrees at a range of universities. Plus, she is one of those world-leading speakers who simply leave you stunned.

Curious to read ahead? Gillian’s books include “Anthro-Vision”, “Fool’s Gold” and “The Silo Effect”.

As a corporate finance-function professional, such as a treasurer, we offer you to choose whether to attend the spectacular full-day conference and party in Malmö on 20 April, or to access the content digitally – both free of charge! So far, we even offer a number of tickets with your hotel room included so be quick to pick it up here!

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