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Good morning! Here are your Monday treasury video releases, and all the tips to get you networking on our conference site. Tomorrow is the main conference day – the full day, live from Axelborg. Block your calendar!

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When you have signed in, you will be able to go straight to specific sessions by clicking the pictures and links in these guides. Today, Monday, is the last day of daily video session releases before tomorrow’s live full-day conference at Axelborg (Tuesday 20 October).

Monday 19 October at a glance

• Case study: Metalor treasurer Nicolas Carrera puts gold on blockchain to make its origin indisputable (Direct link here for delegates.)
• Let BNP ParibasJan Dirk van Beusekom predict your next five years (Direct link here for delegates.)
• Stop the crooks – by stopping their cash flows. Start-up Avallone’s Anders Meinert Jørgensen interviewed. (Direct link here for delegates.)
• A greeting from Orbian’s Thomas Dunn. (Direct link here for delegates.)
• Don’t miss when someone wants to meet with you
• Get started networking – and you’ll win this book of Copenhagen food
• The full conference schedule
• Check out all these sponsor booths – online (Direct link here for delegates.)


His blockchain tells you that the gold is clean

Tracking each ounce of gold from the gold mine to the luxury brand’s shop may sound like a daunting challenge even for a treasurer. Yet with the use of blockchain technology it can be done.

Meet Nicolas Carrera, Group Treasurer of Swiss precious-metals supplier Metalor. In this Treasury 360° Copenhagen session, he presents how he did it. For example, the solution ensures buyers of precious metals – private or industrial – that their products come from mines that do not use child labour. Registered delegates can go straight to the video session page by clicking here.

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How your treasury works – in 2025

As Head of Strategic Marketing with BNP Paribas’ Cash Management & Trade Services, Jan Dirk Van Beusekom has a more detailed overview than many. Join him on this enthusing 19-minute journey through fresh surveys, industry collaborations and more – and travel five years into the future. Registered delegates can go straight to the video session page by clicking here.

Tuesday 20 October will be the main day of Treasury 360° Copenhagen, with the full-day live program from Axelborg. But in the week that leads up to the event, we are publishing these interesting case interviews and other treasury videos which you can view when it suits you. Sign up today – if you haven’t already – and then be with us via the web for the real-time sessions and networking on Tuesday the 20th, from wherever you are.

“The underlying crime is all the nasty things”

When KYC implementations feel hopeless, it can be encouraging to think of the positive change your work can bring in the big scheme. Drugs, human trafficking, fraud and illegal arms are all on the menu of the criminals that we are all aiming to stop.

“One way of avoiding this is for the banks to make sure they don’t cater for these flows and they don’t get criminals in as customers,” says Anders Meinert Jørgensen, founder of specialised solution startup Avallone. Registered delegates can go straight to the video session page by clicking here.

2020 has been “both the worst and the best of worlds”

Thomas Dunn, chairman of Orbian, sums up a year of polarities – in 2 minutes. Registered delegates can go straight to the video session page by clicking here.

As a digital delegate, you can view all the conference videos whenever you like after their release – by signing in on our web-based conference platform Brella. (Think of it as a virtual conference venue.) Scroll this page further down to find the agenda, speakers and sponsors. Then on the main day, 20 October, we encourage you to make maximum use of the networking tools available in Brella.

With respect to the covid-19 situation, there will be no audience on-site physically at Axelborg.

Don’t miss when somebody invites you to meet

Incoming meeting invitations show up near the upper-right corner in your browser.
Incoming meeting invitations show up near the upper-right corner in your browser. Don’t forget to look there.

So many delegates join Treasury 360° Copenhagen with a hope to meet new people as well as old friends. Click the “People” tab to suggest meetings with colleagues and providers. But most importantly: don’t let incoming invitations to you go under your radar!

The Brella conference platform has built-in functions for one-on-one video meetings. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for this. You may need to fiddle a little with your computer’s integrity settings to permit your browser’s access to mic and camera – but it is worth it!

Get started networking –
and you’ll win this tasty prize!

Meet with three other delegates – on the conference platform during Treasury 360° Copenhagen – and this bookful of local delicacies is yours! Actually that is all you need to know to win. But to get more on the why, what and how … you find a full article by clicking here.

Registration with Treasury 360° Copenhagen is free of charge for the target audience of treasury professionals. We reserve the right to cancel free registrations for delegates outside the target audience.

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for Treasury 360° Copenhagen 2020

Tuesday 20 October is the main day, with live presentations from Axelborg and on-line networking. Video sessions are released every morning from 13 to 19 October. 


13 October

VIDEO: Berit Behring, Head of Wealth Management and interim Head of Corporates & Institutions, Danske Bank, unveils the key trends for this year’s conference  [Link]

VIDEO: An interview with Hanne Leth Hillman, Chief Financial Officer, Nanovi  [Link]

VIDEO: A message from Aurelia Normand, Head of Transaction Banking EMEA & Head of CIB global Transaction Banking filiere, BNP Paribas [Link]

14 October

VIDEO: Claus Sørup Rasmussen, Global Head of Transaction Banking & Investor Services, Danske Bank, shares his verdict on the future of Open Banking, Group Treasury, and safety and security for corporates [Link]

VIDEO: An interview with Kasper Christensen, Head of Treasury, Stark Group [Link]

15 October

VIDEO: Macro view with Jes Asmussen, Chief Economist, Handelsbanken [Link]

VIDEO: An interview with Karina Sundbaek, Head of Finance, DS Norden [Link]

VIDEO: A case study with Daniel Terike, Group Treasury Manager & Finance Director Division Monitoring & Control Technology, Nederman [Link]

VIDEO: Nomentia challenges you! [Link]

16 October

VIDEO: A message from SMILfonden  [Link]

VIDEO: A case study with Sean Anderson, Group Treasurer, University of Oxford
2019 ACT Treasurers “Deal of the Year”:The issue of the first bond sale in University of Oxford 850-year history and the first 100 Year Corporate Bond in the UK  [Link]

19 October

VIDEO: A keynote with Jan Dirk Van Beusekom, Head of Strategic Marketing, Cash Management & Trade Services, BNP Paribas  [Link]

VIDEO: A case study with Nicolas Carrera, Group Treasurer, Metalor – Tracking the handling of gold and enabling token payments through blockchain  [Link]

VIDEO: An interview with Anders Meinert Jørgensen, Co-founder & CEO, Avallone  [Link]

VIDEO: A case study with Antti Hänninen, Accounting Specialist, Helen Oy & Anna-Lisa Natchev, VP Sales & Marketing, Nomentia  [Link]

VIDEO: A message from Thomas Dunn, Chairman, Orbian  [Link]

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Event is broadcast from Axelborg, with speakers on stage. As a delegate you participate via web, you cannot attend the venue physically.

08:55 Chairman’s opening remarks
Simon Hesse Hoffmann, Investor & Board

09:00 OPENING KEYNOTE: Attracting investments in Denmark
Rolf Kjærgaard, Chief Executive Officer, Vaekstfonden

09:30 KEYNOTE: The role of Netto in green investments
Michael Løve, Group CEO, Netto

10:00 Coffee

11:00 PANEL DEBATE: 3 banks on how do they finance green investments
Banks are increasingly recognizing environmental and green responsible companies by investing in them. But where is the line between profit and green investments – or is there one? Will banks look more positively at credits when projects are green and can corporates profit from on this factor? Again this year we have invited “3 banks on how to”. Three banks will share their inner secrets on how they look at green investments, how they work with corporates on this matter and what corporates can do to emphasize the opportunity.
Simon Hesse Hoffmann
Samu Slotte, Head of Sustainable Finance, Danske Bank
Claire Iversenc, Head of Sustainability, Corporate Coverage EMEA, BNP Paribas
Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, Head of Sustainable Business Development, Debt Capital Market, Handelsbanken

11:30 CASE STUDY: Yara – connecting sustainability and profitability through financing
Nina Kleiv, Head of Finance I Treasury I Insurance, Yara
• Yara’s ESG focus as an integrated part of its strategy
• How can the treasury function support Yara’s strategy – and why it is important
• The process of finding the right approach/KPI/financial “instrument” – link sustainability and profitability
• First loan in Norway with a sustainability link
• External reactions and way forward

12:00 Lunch

14:00 CASE STUDY – The Funding of Denmark’s largest pharma acquisition
Markus Kede, Senior Director Treasury, Finance Processes & Strategy Office, H. Lundbeck

14:30 Coffee

15:30 CLOSING KEYNOTE: Developing the treasury of tomorrow
Kristoffer Lykke-Olesen, Head of Group Treasury, ISS A/S

16:00 OUTSIDE THE BOX with a twist – Freestyle rap by Per Vers
Per Vers kommer og freestyler på baggrund af stikord fra publikum.
In Danish.

16:30 Chairman’s closing remarks
Simon Hesse Hoffmann

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