“Our leadership skills are what need the attention”

Managing a treasury is to manage its people, and this reflects in the program. One of the four breakout tracks through the mid-day in Thursday’s Nordic conference is dedicated to “The human element”. It kicks off with a panel on diversity and inclusion, continues with looks into mental health, and competence centre-based reorganisation, before landing with a panel about the art of conquering a new workplace. Read why this is your best track of all four – at least by track moderator Caroline Stockmann, CEO of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. And sign up digitally if you have not already!

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“When faced with a choice at a confer­ence, for example, people will fear missing out on a technical topic, and therefore often not attend the topics that have the more ‘human’ element,” says Caroline Stockmann, who will moderate the four­ session track D through the mid­day, and who – among several senior roles – holds that as CEO of the Association of Corpo­rate Treasurers (ACT).

However, doing so is a choice she describes as “non­strategic”.

“Our leadership skills are what need the attention – and we can always catch up on regulatory changes or technical things later, or indeed be comfortable delegating them to our team, while we focus on the bigger picture. So what will you choose on 20 April, to help your own personal development?” she asks rethorically.


“Research carried out by the ACT tells us that the biggest barrier to career progression for senior treasurers is lack of strategic influencing skills, and other behavioural skills often called the ‘softer’ skills.”

Four angles

Mumtaz Dole-Allera, Vestas

Track D, “The human element”, starts at 11:15 with a panel led by Caroline on the topic of diversity and inclusion. Her panel is made up of senior treasurer fellows Mumtaz Dole-Allera of Vestas, Cornelia Hesse, board member of the European Association of Corporate Treasurers, and Royston Da Costa of Ferguson plc.

Jimmy Westerheim, who is a trail­blazer for mental health awareness and a structured researcher of strategies, will host the second session, at 11:55. Lunch is fol­lowed at 13:40 with a look into Equinor’s new organisation built around competence centres – before the track finishes with a rich double­-slot panel on how to conquer a new workplace, start­ing 14:15. This final panel sees Kasper Christensen of Pandora, SSAB’s Kati Vellinki, and CFO Nikolaj Enevoldsen of Lakrids by Bülow, in a discussion also led by Caroline Stockmann.

Jimmy Westerheim and Julien Bourrelle. (Photos: The Human Aspect, Julien Bourrelle)

Back in plenary, the last presentation will be held at 16:30 by Julien Bourrelle, on the topic of cross­cultural social interac­tion. What more fitting way to prepare for the terrific dinner with all your colleagues from the other Nordic countries?

Before we head for the tables, though, Brynolf & Ljung will be doing their magic at 17:05, as we are still seated in the plenary hall. Or that’s actually beyond human.


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