Go for a Better that is more than just More

Jens Romundstad, ex-head of sales for Coop Denmark, is accustomed to re-thinking – and now preaches that all his nation’s businesses should. With Treasury 360° Copenhagen on Thursday, he went on stage before a live audience at Axelborg. 

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With a background deep in Danish biker culture, Jens Romundstad might have looked like the odd candidate to become responsible for human resources, then sales, for Denmark’s Coop group. But that is what he became, and it is only recently he left the position where he led yearly sales worth 4 billion DKK.


Now he is on a mission to have his country’s businesses come to a new mindset, which is not just about getting to “more”, but to a more holistic “better” which also takes the social and environmental aspects into account.


Using the classic Monopoly game as a metaphor, Jens Romundstad suggests that it is whole round world that will be the game plan of the future. And to “get everybody on board”, we don’t need more of incentive schemes, but rather an overall narrative of why we are doing what we do.

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