Competitiveness guru will open Treasury 360° Nordic

We are proud to announce that Stéphane Garelli – Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness with the IMD Business School and former managing director of the World Economic Forum – will hold the opening keynote at the Treasury 360° Nordic conference on the 9 June. Join us there. 

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Economic cycles used to hit us all but lately they have become selective. Will your company be a winner or a zombie when the new “K” type of recession strikes … while governments grow their market interventions and businesses turn from “just-in-time” to “just-in-case”?

Stéphane Garelli is not just a world-class business profile. He is also a master at slicing the evermore-complex world economy down to the pieces that make it all look so simple under his guidance – having been, for example, the opening keynote speaker of EuroFinance 2018. Breakneck-speed delivery, big laughs and actionable insights are guaranteed.

Fly in for the day – or stay for the party

The Treasury 360° Nordic conference is hosted at Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport on 9 June. Indeed, it is scheduled to enable treasurers from other countries to fly in just for the day if they must. They would do so at some loss, however, as a great dinner and evening entertainment program awaits those who decide to stay the night! (If no travel at all would work out for you, you can still take part in the conference via the web.)


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