Raknesticka som i TMS-ROI-kalkyl

The ROI on your dream TMS? Go calculate it

Structuring the return-on-investment calculation for your considered treasury management system – and making sense of it – can be tricky. Treasury news site Treasury & Risk makes a deep dive into the art.

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When preparing to implement or improve a treasury management system, treasurers should recognize the challenges in breaking down the total improvement to items. This is one of the core messages in the recent Treasury & Risk article on the subject.

New values – old method

While the systems and the treasury landscape have changed radically over later decades, the magazine points out that the fundamentals of how to calculate the ROI on business technology initiatives remain largely unchanged.

“The highly integrated nature of treasury management systems […] means that their benefits are influenced by a broad range of factors inside and outside of treasury,” writes the magazine – and goes on to list many such factors.


Loads of potential gains

These listed factors include technology advances on the sides of both banking partners and system vendors, macroeconomic disruptions and internal transformation. Optimizations related to payments, cash utilisation and foreign exchange handling are obviously big on the map, and so are the possillities to save on banking fees and the productivity of own staff.

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