On 9 June, learn how Spotify gets its cash investments right

Holding 3 billion euro in cash and equivalents, the treasury team of less than 10 people at Swedish music-streaming unicorn Spotify has had good reason to think through its investment setup properly. Meet Mikaela Rumenius, Head of Financial Markets Activities, on stage at Treasury 360° Nordic in Copenhagen on 9 June.  

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Find the conference info site, and register, on https://treasury360nordic.confetti.events/

Ultra-short liquidity is managed in-house, while the handling of its more strategic cash is outsourced to allow for the risk-monitoring needed for positive returns in the low-interest environment of recent years. The outsourcing leaves room for some focus on process improvements, such as through robotic process automation.

The session takes place in one of four parallel tracks that make up the middle section of the day – the track called “Boost the process”, focusing on operational perfection across our core activities.


The conference details

This year’s spectacular Treasury 360° Nordic conference takes place at Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport on 9 June 2022. We start on stage only at 9.45 so you can fly in just for the day unless you prefer to spend a night or two.
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