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How to benefit from more comprehensive data

Achieving an accurate overview of current and future cash positions and flows is important to manage cash and risk exposures efficiently. Yet, many organizations around the globe still limit themselves to pulling the balances from bank statements and call their subsidiaries for their figures, often manually.

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Serrala’s whitepaper “The Quest for Full Cash Visibility” can be downloaded here.

This is not only highly time-consuming, it also doesn’t provide the deep, accurate and timely insight that is needed to ensure the solvency of a company at all times.

Moreover, the more complex an organizational structure, the more complex it is to achieve 100% global cash visibility. This whitepaper addresses how companies can benefit from going beyond the traditional approach to cash visibility and pursue a holistic and bottom-up approach to cash flow forecasting making the best use of the information that is already available across the organization.


Download Serrala’s free whitepaper for more details. 

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