This is how he took on his first 90 days as CFO

As Kasper Mahon Andreasen became CFO of container feeder shipping group Unifeeder this winter, he had designed an intensive on-boarding process for himself. With a live audience at Axelborg for Treasury 360° Copenhagen on Thursday morning, he shared the outcome.

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“If you don’t get the first 90 days right, it is probably hard to come back.”

Kasper Mahon Andreasen leaves it to others to rate how he has succeeded. Though, from his presentation at Axelborg, it is evident that he had a firm plan in place to guide him. One of the most important insights, that he had with him already at the start from reading some advice books on the topic, was that when you get into a new role as a manager, so does everybody around you. 

Kasper Mahon Andreasen’s move to Unifeeder followed upon nearly two decades in various roles across the A.P. Møller-Maersk group, most of it in senior positions.


Having the right players is important, but also having them play well together as a team. But before getting to the teambuilding magic, make sure everybody has their functional home turf under full control.

“I am a bit of a function fetishist,” Kasper Mahon Kaspersen acknowledges.

Time changes

While giant Maersk is the world leader in transcontinental container freight, Unifeeder focuses on the hub connections: the stretch where smaller ships bring the containers to and from the smaller ports.

One challenge is that supply chains have been disturbed, and incoming transcontinental ships are often not in time.

“It’s all like a clockwork – with the clock changing all the time.”

The business focuses fully on operations, not owning too much of physical assets but rather leasing ships and renting containers. The art of the business is not least about minimizing the tonnage you need.

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