Sadly, the world is interfering with our business plans

VIDEO | A breakdown in key supplies like energy, as well as in transports, is a part of the background as many nations are now up for recessions. An audience of over 300 delegates saw economist Stéphane Garelli kick off Treasury 360° Nordic 2022 in his highly personal style. 

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Stéphane Garelli – Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness with the IMD Business School – is not the one to shy away from detail. The impact of changes in the world’s cobalt supply was illustrated with pictures from the Simpsons.Half-jokes aside, however, the outlook for wide-spread recession is something that many treasurers are currently bracing for.

Even the ghost of “stagflation” is there, with inflation in Europe at 8.1 percent this year. And through his presentation, the hundreds of treasurers in the audience got a framework for how to navigate it. (Inflation, by the way, is when you pay €40 for a haircut that used to cost €20 – when you had hair.)


Stéphane Garelli suggests that economic cycles used to hit us all but lately they have become selective. Will your company be a winner or a zombie when the new “K” type of recession strikes … while governments grow their market interventions and businesses turn from “just-in-time” to “just-in-case”?

Stéphane Garelli is not just an amazing speaker; he also happens to be a world-class business profile, having held positions like managing director of the World Economic Forum.

Treasury 360° Nordic 2022, on 9 June, gathered nearly 300 delegates at Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, and 100 online.
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