Tackle the transparency issue

After a disruptive last year, now is the time to take the lessons learned and turn them into winning corporate treasury strategies for the long-term. Let Serrala propose how.

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Central transparency over cash flows, future cash needs, and essentials like bank accounts have always been paramount to treasurers. With changing work environments, the recent push for digitization, and never tiring fraudsters on the horizon it is worth revisiting existing strategies and put them to the test. Are they still up to scratch or is the room for improvement? Which steps can treasurers take to ramp up their cash management and forecasting? And what measures have other companies taken to innovate?

Find answers to these and further treasury questions at our virtual expert panel:


Virtual expert panel: How to take your cash visibility strategy into the future

Treasury often only has visibility into around 75% of daily cash. How can they close the gap and make the 100% cash visibility happen? Let us explore some concrete measures for transforming treasury for more comprehensive, reliable and fast data. Find out how scalable, modular treasury solutions easily connect to your accounting for maximum insights.


  • Bart Parren, SVP Solution Transformation, Serrala
  • Alexander Rehberg, Senior Solution Architect Treasury, Serrala

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