This is how ESG and profits connect at Yara

At Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara, its ESG performance has been directly tied to the cost of financing – to signal commitment and give further incentive to positive change. In Thursday’s Treasury 360° Oslo, Liv Bergh and Polina Kargina presented the setup.

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In July 2019, Yara signed a 1,1-billion USD revolving credit facility, with a margin link to the carbon intensity target.


Yara is committed to reducing its carbon dioxide intensity by 10 percent until 2025, and its progress on this is reported as part of its standard corporate reporing. Yearly measures, however, have been tailored in relation to the linked loan.

The link means there is a step up in the cost of the financing if targets are not met. Generally, media and investors have responded very positively. The performance is verified by an external auditing firm.

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