“Diverse teams are better problem solvers”

Diversity is a team feature, and a behaviour – and not automatically solved by hiring a single woman. On stage with Treasury 360° Copenhagen, recruiter Tanja Grønning shared her tips on how to assess inclusion to make businesses more successful.

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“Evidence shows that diverse teams are better problem solvers,” said Tanja Grønning.

While she understands people who get tired with hearing about the equality issue consistently, she stresses what is the real problem: It just hasn’t been cracked yet. Pointing to a long list of evidence, her main point is that diversity is a success factor.


“Everybody says ‘we need more female executives’, in executive management and on boards. And I agree to that, of course we do. But we’ve been saying that for years now and we haven’t even moved the needle that much. So maybe we should do it differently, maybe we should focus on entry level and graduates, and create an environment where we keep diversity profiles, where we have equal opportunities for maternity and paternity leave, and where we focus on getting female and diverse candidates back on the career path after maternity leave,” says Tanja Grønning.

“All research shows that diverse teams are more high performing and create financially better-performing organizations, not single contributors. So for me, it’s not an asset just to place a woman, we need to look at the team and see how he or she adds value to the overall company.”

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