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Skeppsbron Skatt goes Nordic after merger

Digitalizing and expanding, eventually to the whole Nordic region, will be priorities for Swedish tax advisory Skeppsbron Skatt – recently bought by Aspia.

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Skeppsbron Skatt is known as one of Sweden’s leading independent tax advisories. Last week it was announced that it will be purchased by also-Swedish accounting and advisory firm Aspia. In an interview published by news site Realtid, Skeppsbron Skatt’s chairman Jari Burmeister describes the expansion possibilities he is now eyeing.

Will double its squad

”By becoming part of Aspia we target a doubling our number of specialists over five years, growing in both the MNE and SME segments and forcefully expanding our digital offering,” says Jari Burmeister.

Seeks geographic expansion

”We will continue to have a very strong focus on offering full service in taxes to large and medium-sized enterprises, and being part of Aspia helps us do that. Thanks to our merger we aim to strengthen our position and our offer also in the SME segment throughout the whole country, in eventually the Nordic market,” he says.

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