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These are the world’s ten biggest borrowers

Top non-financial corporate debtors are ranked, by news site Treasury & Risk based on Bloomberg data.

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The old joke goes that if you owe your bank 10.000 dollars you have a problem, whereas if you owe it 10 million dollars it is your bank that has a problem and not you. By that logic, the following corporations would not be likely to feel troubled any time soon.

The list of the world’s largest corporate borrowers is presented by Treasury & Risk. It comprises several heavy technology companies. Here are the names and total debts of the companies on the top 10 list:

AT&T: $177 billion
Softbank: $154 billion
Apple: $115 billion
Verizon: $113 billion
Comcast: $112 billion
AB Inbev: $110 billion
General Electric: $110 billion
China Evergrande: $98 billion
Shell: $77 billion
Microsoft: $73 billion


The figures regard the end of December 2018, except for China Evergrande whose amount is from the end of June 2018.

Although the tech firms are heavy on the list, we have previously noted that their hunger for cash may have been satiated somewhat lately.

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