• Since Lehman Brothers collapsed and the Prime Reserve Fund ‘broke the buck’ regulatory changes to MMFs have been widely anticipated. The Editor looks at what changes have already been made and what other issues are influencing the MMF market today.

  • ANZAG, a leader in the German wholesale pharmaceuticals market, decided to address some aspects of its medium-term funding requirements by putting in place a factoring programme for its business in Germany. The selling of accounts receivable through a factoring arrangement allowed ANZAG to obtain cash...

  • The world’s aggregate of negative-yielding debt is amassing again, setting off from $6 trillion in October, to $9 trillion and counting.

  • Several reform measures associated with money market funds have been introduced since the credit crisis, but are the latest planned changes a step too far?

  • Sweden’s Avanza Bank, a popular web-based broker of stocks and funds, stamps about 250 funds with a new carbon performance approval.

  • Some MMF portals have developed functionality to deliver cross-portfolio analysis of fund holdings. However, the author argues that there are fundamental flaws in the ability of portals to provide meaningful and consistent information.

  • As the financial markets stabilise, but with low interest rates persisting, treasurers are investing in a wider range of investment products than those they have used in recent years – and are matching their investment criteria with an appropriate instrument rather than choosing only the...

  • The opening of the dim sum bond market is potentially the most exciting development in the international bond markets since the creation of the Eurobond market in the 1980s.

  • The authors discuss the outlook for short-term yields, why today’s yields may persist for the foreseeable future, and strategies that may offer higher returns in today’s environment.

  • Once Honeywell was permitted to invest in MMFs, among its wide range of investments, the company followed the IMMFA Code of Practice to help identify MMFs that met its investment criteria. Honeywell have now rolling out their chosen portal globally, achieving visibility over all its...