• J.P. Morgan Treasury Services received the most votes from our readers in two TMI Awards 2010 Best Bank categories: Global Financial Supply Chain bank of the year, and Global SWIFT for Corporates bank of the year. Download this article to find out more, including comment...

  • The importance of a well-documented and up-to-date cash investment policy cannot be overstated – we look at the best practices when establishing, updating and maintaining this important roadmap for managing your company’s cash.

  • Whereas other parts of Europe have been witnessing an outflow of assets since Q2 2009, IMMFA funds have grown by 9%. Joanna Cound looks at what makes IMMFA funds so different from their continental counterparts.

  • IMMFA commissioned PwC Luxembourg to perform a study to assess the contribution of IMMFA funds to the money markets. IMMFA’s Secretary General analyses the results.

  • There are significant differences between portals – Justin Meadows offers a valuable list of ten searching questions that treasurers should ask before committing themselves to the use of any particular platform.

  • There are a number of factors that will influence a treasurer’s decision-making process if he/she is in the enviable position of investing surplus cash. Is it secure? Is it liquid? What return will it earn? As importantly, how will it appear on the balance sheet...

  • Cash investors can guarantee that they are best positioned to benefit when interest rates begin to rise by ensuring they have the right investment strategy in place. Jim Fuell has the answers.

  • Money market funds purchase a significant volume of bank debt, and are subsequently impacted by most changes which occur within banking regulation. IMMFA’s Secretary General looks at how the new Basel III requirements will affect money market funds.

  • BlackRock’s Mark Stockley believes that money market fund advisors should not rely on a security’s NRSRO rating, but instead should consider ratings as preliminary screens in an independent credit review.

  • Other than investment restrictions, what arrangements exist in order to ensure that a money market fund continues to operate on a daily basis? IMMFA’s Director has the answers.