• As BNP Paribas chief economist William De Vijlder gave the morning keynote of Thursday’s digital Treasury 360° Oslo conference, he shared of positive view of how quickly activity is picking up in recent quarterly figures after the spring’s crisis. Even so, the overall picture was...

  • With a growth of 50 percent per year – reaching €66 million in sales this year – Finnish supply-chain software vendor Relex had better get its finance stuff right. On stage at Treasury 360 Helsinki on Tuesday, group CFO Johan Haataja shared his experiences of...

  • Digital transformation, and sustainability, will be high on the agenda as Sweden’s corporate treasury community gathers for Treasury 360 Stockholm coming Wednesday.

  • A 2.7 percent increase in Western European insolvency cases this year – this is one of the indications that we could be up for chillier times. A look at recent articles around the world’s treasury press also provides plenty insight into the rapidly technology impact...

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