• Many of the risks that company treasurers encounter in Africa require an understanding of what can and can’t be managed or hedged – and then how best to deal with things that can’t be hedged.

  • Welcome to the latest podcast in the The Global Treasurer’s Treasury LIVE series. In this latest episode of our Treasury Live series, we discuss why, in today’s volatile business world, treasurers need to enhance liquidity, diversify counterparty risk and maximise yield, perhaps more than they...

  • How will Open Banking really make an impact? “Open Banking has many characteristics that will make a real difference in the corporate treasury arena. For example, in-built APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow for integrated access to the information and services provided by the platforms and...

  • Are your cash investment practices aligned with your peers? Download the J.P. Morgan 2014 PeerView Survey Results to find out.

  • Negative yield environment and regulatory challenges have led Euro money market funds to compromise on their core investment principles. Northern Trust believes VNAV is the futuristic approach which can help in resolving these present and future challenges.

  • Understanding the impact of new regulations on bank balance sheets will enable cash investors to most effectively segment and structure their portfolios.

  • The Editor talks to ADCB’s Head of Investment Banking about the achievements of the bank, and its customers, so far, and his plans for the future.

  • Companies do not always appreciate the bigger picture when it comes to the risks involved in international deals — or the trade finance products that can be used to mitigate these risk exposures.

  • Technology investment and skills are top business priorities for organizations looking to grow, according to a new survey by HSBC. As we discuss in our news story on the findings from the Navigator: Made for the Future survey of over 2,500 companies in 14 countries...

  • According to a report published last month by HSBC, firms are now prioritizing investment in the wellbeing and future skills of their people, at the same time as technologies like robotics top their spending plans. The Navigator: Made for the Future survey of over 2,500...